Hi, my name is Josie Crumin. I don't like where I work but that's mostly because I don't like where I am in life. Where I am in life is still a question I ask myself daily. I've been having some odd occurrences as of late. I don't know what I expect from being here but I'm hoping maybe I'm not as crazy as people make me out to be.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Attacked and Moving On

I was out getting some smokes and picking up some supplies when I was attacked. Gallows and Graves were back at the motel at the time. They came out of nowhere, three proxies. I ran through the store and out the back door after being chased through so many isles. I barely lost them when I got back to the motel room, there was only a short amount of time before the door got smashed down. The other two proxies jumped through the large window.

Gallows and Graves were surprised, Gallows held up his hands and tried to reason but they advanced. They got too close and he stabbed one of the proxies under the chin with his knife. Graves got the other two with her shovel, one dodged around her and came at me. I leveled the gun but Gallows jumped in the way, the proxy back pedaled but it made little to no difference. Gallows advanced by surprise too fast and nailed the guy to the wall.

We left the town and traveled a few days, stopping in a small town briefly before continuing to the city. Sleeping in a field off from the main stretch of road we were attacked again by more proxies. I don't understand it, Gallows and Graves are proxies so why are they being attacked? Shouldn't we have one less enemy? I'd think maybe it's because of me since I'm the odd man out here but no. They go straight for Gallows, Graves interferes which they attack her for usually. They rarely come at me unless in range. I'm thinking maybe they attacked in the store to get me back to the room, lead them to where Gallows and Graves were. After hearing that Gallows agrees fully.

We've been attacked I think six times now and this trend of going for Gallows first and Graves directly afterwards is consistent. I don't know what's up but I don't like it. I want out of this mess. Having Mister Creevey with me before was bad but now even the proxies are attacking. What's next, Slender Man himself? I hope not.

I want out though. I came here to post about a few strange things and get it over with, get some help if I could. I didn't want it to become this. With these things and so much murder. I don't want it and I don't want it staining my hands either. It's ridiculous, I shoved every homicidal tendency away after my parents were murdered, by me. I'm not proud of it, I don't want to go through with it anymore and I don't want to have to go through with it again.

I'm sick of Gallows poking at that box I locked everything up in. He won't leave it alone. I yell at him and he just smiles something awful. I haven't threatened him since we were at his house but I've jumped him in the field and punched him a few times until Graves pulled me off. He just laid there laughing about it, not even mad in the least.

Graves is unusual. She's not nice but she's not mean either. Since we left she's kept a scarf wrapped around the lower half of her face instead of the handkerchief. I saw why, that giant scar that goes across the middle of her face and the scars from her stitched lips show. Among other little scars. I watched her wash her face one morning near the bank of a river, she wiped all the dirt and dust off and beneath it you could actually see her. You'd expect something gross or evil but she looks so ordinary it's kind of sad. Her eyes are so dead. I think she knows I feel sorry for her, I don't mean that in a disrespectful way or that I'm better than her. I'm not. It's not right she's this way.

I'd say the same for Gallows but he's happy as he is. He's mentioned always being this way so what's there to sympathize with?

Mister Creevey I don't know anything about aside from being a Darkling, whatever that is. He's messaged me. Left an email just with this:




Fuck you.

You won't ever take me again. There are other options out there and I will exhaust every single one of them. Crawl back to you? Don't make me laugh. You're a monster. I'll get out of this even if it takes some time. Just you wait, Mister Creevey, I'll be long gone soon enough.

Monday, November 14, 2011


With Gallows and Graves too! Our last few days have been really messed up but we're alive and confused. Safe at the moment, I don't feel the influence of Mister Creevey anymore either. I'm happy about that. :]

Kind of scared of these two still but we got to work together right now so I'm going to make do. I cooked for them tonight but Gallows slammed down his cooler, I didn't need to guess what was in there. I ran from the kitchen, lol.

I'm really scared though guys. I don't know what this means and it's bothering me. No doubt lost my job completely now too. Kind of scared to see why is happening to the city if Mister Creevey is stuck there. After what happened at the police station...

I'll update when I can. I'm too tired to talk about it, I can't imagine how Graves lives with Gallows day after day. He drains my energy after the first hour I'm awake.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Never Alone

It doesn't matter, nothing matters when he's around. He's always around. He never leaves, even when he's watching Gallows and Graves. He takes me there, he uses me.

I know when he's going to. He'll appear an inch away with that giant grin and I'll black out, next thing I know it I'm staring at this farm house in ruins on a property surrounded by graves. I'm not in control of myself then, he doesn't need my body but he takes it along anyways. I just feel trapped, I'm just standing there and watching as he does whatever it is he does.

He knows this all too. He knows everything that happens around him. I tried to run, Dia. I tried to contact you, Shady. I tried to do everything I can and it only paid off in me getting dragged back to my apartment. I mean that literally. I live on the fourteenth floor of my apartment complex. He dragged me up every flight, into every railing and around every bend. Mister Creevey doesn't need knives to cut me, his claws can do that just fine.

I got asked today at my job why I had a scar across my forehead. I couldn't think up anything, I laughed it off. It hurt inside, not because of the abuse he's dealt me but emotionally. The stress is eating me alive and he's just laughing at it. Waiting, for what? Me to break?

What does he want from me? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

I don't want to do this anymore. He won't let me tell you all anything. He just wants me to ramble on about my pain, my anger, all this stupid dribble from a weak little girl.

I never wanted this. I never asked for him to cover my tracks. I don't owe him anything.

It feels like I do though. I don't like it. I think he's fucking with me. I feel dizzy.