Hi, my name is Josie Crumin. I don't like where I work but that's mostly because I don't like where I am in life. Where I am in life is still a question I ask myself daily. I've been having some odd occurrences as of late. I don't know what I expect from being here but I'm hoping maybe I'm not as crazy as people make me out to be.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Feeling Crazy?

To the main event, I've been feeling a little crazy lately. Feel like things are being moved, sometimes I think I'm hearing voices. I laugh it off like it's normal. It's not.

I shouldn't be experiencing this.

I'm the girl that filters her mouth and wears a smile, works in the library and doesn't scream despite wanting to. So desperately wanting to disrupt the silence.

I laughed off this guy I saw a few times on my way home. Navy blue clothes with some kind of print on the shirt, white sneakers. I think he was a brunette, clean shaven. I saw him a few times. Not a big deal, probably just from all this stuff I've been watching. Not gonna sweat it. :)

Should get some sleep shortly, have class, work, then class again. Oh boy. :P