Hi, my name is Josie Crumin. I don't like where I work but that's mostly because I don't like where I am in life. Where I am in life is still a question I ask myself daily. I've been having some odd occurrences as of late. I don't know what I expect from being here but I'm hoping maybe I'm not as crazy as people make me out to be.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Time spent

Joshua and I have been hanging out. He doesn't talk about Shady much, really private guy. He helps me with training since she can't. I didn't think he knew anything about fighting cause he kind of looks like a super tall nerd. Proved me wrong though. Joshua said he used to spar Shady a lot growing up, he didn't know much aside from watching her and that he never had the time to learn.

I like Joshua, he's a very private guy but it's not the sneaky kinda private where you're wondering if he's hiding stuff. He's really honest, kinda shy too.

Shady and him fight like siblings. They don't talk much to each other, it's a lot of body language, gestures, and wordplay. I keep asking him what he's talking about and he shrugs. Only thing he's ever said about it is it's a mix of stuff they made up and cultural body language. Shady favors Italian swears in her body language, I can at least now tell when she's telling me to fuck off, lol.

Brood still is shifty with me, he talks to Joshua a lot though. I don't think Shady is happy about it but doesn't say anything otherwise. She orders the MASC guys around a lot, Brood and her get into fights over who is in control. The MASC soldiers get confused. Things are really confusing here, actually. xD

On another note: Mister Creevey has been filling my inbox up with emails. I'm kinda freaked out over his last post. Shady said she'd keep me safe even with his threat and all. Brood doesn't seem happy having more possible trouble on his hands. I can't really say anything, I kinda feel bad just hiding out here but at the same time I don't have anywhere else to go. Shady has been fighting to keep me around when the MASC guys get shifty on hearing about Mister Creevey's emails.

Like today:

Shady: "Sending her out there is a death sentence! We have an armed fort here, out there is just miles and miles of hungry predators."

Brood: "We have plenty of predators bothering us as well, Shady. Mister Creevey is a high risk as it is and we haven't encountered him yet."

Shady: "Are you suggesting she just ups and leaves?"

Brood: "I'm considering that might have to be done."

Shady: "If you kick her out of here I'm going with her until I'm sure she's safe. You're here to assist, let me repeat that... ASSIST. Do you under-fucking-stand me? You will not throw out members unless I clear it first. Look at her, she's pathetic. No offense, Josie."

Me: "None taken, I know it."

Shady: "See, even she recognizes she'd get eaten out there quickly. If Mister Creevey is coming than we are going to be a force to reckon with. You wanted to be here and eliminate threats, so get to it when the threat comes."

I'm kinda surprised after the car ride and stuff. Joshua and her are defending me. It kinda makes me feel relieved but with Mister Creevey's emails I'm kinda just feeling worried. He's really coming here, Shady has kept quiet on it I see but we both know it.

At least no other threats have come around here. With DeMii and Lullaby I was worried on that Thuggee thing. Shady alone has theAdvocate, who can come and go through the wards somehow, and then Thy Executor and his people, and Road Runner. These people have a lot of crazy people after them and I really don't want to get involved with any of them. Gallows, Graves, and Mister Creevey are enough. ><

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Catching up

Fright Night was scary crazy. A lot of it is a blur from the adrenaline rush, crossing through all those different rooms was insane. How someone thinks up all those things is beyond me. Gallows kept using me as a shield to test out where the Advocate's traps here and then disarm them. Shady came around and saved me which led to a really heated conversation. I'm just thankful that there was someone that cared about my health. We got split up shortly after though in a mirror room.

I found Ferus in there and followed him around. Call me crazy, it was awesome to watch him tear through the rooms. It also brought me to the main room too. I clung to Shady's side, she kind of just watched everyone quietly or stared at me. Gallows was bothering Dia and dancing with her. Everyone else kind of just sat around until Advocate got down to business. Gallows cut me up pretty badly and Shady was trying to help. I don't really remember much after that, was kind of in and out of it. I think she was talking to someone and then I was outside being slapped awake.

Ferus and Shady exchanged looks and I saw Dia slumped near her car. Shady decided the three of us needed to visit the hospital and took us. We all shared a room and Shady slept in a chair or on the windowsill over the few days we were there. When we were good to go we went to Dia's and found Gallows and Graves waiting. After some arguing and a truce they were allowed to stay. I really wish Dia and Shady kicked them out, all Gallows did was try to stab me the whole time. It wasn't even fatal stabbings but still.

Shady tried to teach me to defend myself and ended up kicking me around the yard. Dia got involved a few days later and it was cool. She's really smart and learns a lot better than I do. Shady handled us like a pro teacher. If we didn't get something she adapted to our ways and figured out a better method. She's kinda aggressive but she isn't forward about what she can do. Taking on Dia and me showed me really what she can do and gave me some perspective there.

Dia was a great hostess, too. She's so nice and strong not to mention handles Gallows like a boss. He wouldn't leave anyone alone and caused a lot of chaos. Especially when Dia and me went out grocery shopping and Ferus crashed the party at the house. Kudos to Graves, I think I see why Gallows isn't dead yet.

After we cleaned up we went out and Gallows decided to start up chaos again. He set Dia's town on fire and killed a lot of people, even the chief of police! It was insane, I don't know what he was thinking. He even tried to kill us. Shady held him off and told Dia and me to get out of there. When all that was over with the two girls got into a heated argument. I've never seen Shady so cruel. Dia was the opposite, angry but still the opposite.

They made up that night but it really freaked me out, lol.

We hung out with Dia for a while after they left and helped clean. Her parents coming over was awkward to say the least. Did some training, talking, and then Shady and I left to get to the mansion for Christmas. It made me laugh seeing Shady ask for help with getting DeMii and Lullaby a present. Dia and I laughed, we got punched in the arms for it but it was worth it.

We had a serious talk which you can read all about on Shady's blog. The drive was a bit intense but gave me some insight.

We got back here and Brood interrogated me a lot. Shady told him to "fuck off" and would drag me away to train. He hasn't lightened up at all. I haven't been allowed to use the internet which is why it's taken a while to update this blog. I was kinda under watch and they didn't want Mister Creevey finding me or anything.

Shady has been tense lately from her old friend. They met on Sunday and Advocate intervened. He's been calling her a lot and somehow gets into the mansion. Shady explained to me how the wards work. If someone wants to do harm they simple can't enter the wards. I guess that means Advocate doesn't want to harm Shady, yeah? I think it's really cute. He's a scary guy but I don't see the harm in a little love, lol.

Some other stuff happened Sunday night too. The whole building woke up to her screaming. I barely saw anything because they took her to the medical room. There was a trail of blood, that Liam guy said she reopened the wound and won't stop thrashing. All she kept saying was "I remember everything!" and cried. I don't think she was even awake. Brood stopped Joshua from going into the room and got punched for it. The soldiers pulled him away but Joshua argued about his medical degree or something. They let him in to assist after that.

Joshua came out a few hours later and just sat down, I've never seen so much blood. He just held his head and rocked himself now and then. I went and checked up on him and he said they had to sedate her so much, it wasn't humanly possible. She kept crashing on the table and was in unstable condition. I could see hand prints on the forearm of his shirt, he caught me looking and said "She fought the sedatives and grabbed me, she just kept apologizing and crying. Brood demanded more sedatives and they finally got her knocked out but she wouldn't stop bleeding." he donated blood a lot and has been doing so since then.

I checked on her and she was awake but out of it. She looked at me for a few seconds before sighing and looking up again. Joshua has been at her side a lot. They are keeping her strapped down despite her slipping the cuffs somehow again and again. Brood has been keeping her sedated, Shady fights it and I can hear her swearing. She keeps trying to get up or at least read and do work. They moved her out of the medical room and into her bed in the cellar, she's been asleep a lot or just reads.

Brood was pissed because she posted on Tuesday, lol. I laughed so hard. Who else would wake up after that sort of thing and just write?

I've gone down to visit her a few times while she's awake. There's something off about her now. The way she looks at people isn't the same and she's barely acknowledging anyone. I guess she's got a lot of thinking to do with her memories being all back.

Joshua has been pacing around and Brood keeps trying to talk to him. Shady and him are a lot alike, Joshua just glares and tells him to "fuck off" just the same. I ran out and got some clothes for him to change into since his only pair is bloody. I think he's upset no one is letting him leave yet.

Been practicing what Shady has taught me. Joshua watches a lot and has started giving me pointers from afar. He's really nice, just really angry. There has been a lot of chaos going on but I'm hoping it stops for a bit while Shady is out of commission. After seeing Mister Creevey's message I guess I can only really hope. Brood let me back on the internet after that went up because he saw no point when he already knows where I am and stuff. =\

Hope you guys are good.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Attacked and Moving On

I was out getting some smokes and picking up some supplies when I was attacked. Gallows and Graves were back at the motel at the time. They came out of nowhere, three proxies. I ran through the store and out the back door after being chased through so many isles. I barely lost them when I got back to the motel room, there was only a short amount of time before the door got smashed down. The other two proxies jumped through the large window.

Gallows and Graves were surprised, Gallows held up his hands and tried to reason but they advanced. They got too close and he stabbed one of the proxies under the chin with his knife. Graves got the other two with her shovel, one dodged around her and came at me. I leveled the gun but Gallows jumped in the way, the proxy back pedaled but it made little to no difference. Gallows advanced by surprise too fast and nailed the guy to the wall.

We left the town and traveled a few days, stopping in a small town briefly before continuing to the city. Sleeping in a field off from the main stretch of road we were attacked again by more proxies. I don't understand it, Gallows and Graves are proxies so why are they being attacked? Shouldn't we have one less enemy? I'd think maybe it's because of me since I'm the odd man out here but no. They go straight for Gallows, Graves interferes which they attack her for usually. They rarely come at me unless in range. I'm thinking maybe they attacked in the store to get me back to the room, lead them to where Gallows and Graves were. After hearing that Gallows agrees fully.

We've been attacked I think six times now and this trend of going for Gallows first and Graves directly afterwards is consistent. I don't know what's up but I don't like it. I want out of this mess. Having Mister Creevey with me before was bad but now even the proxies are attacking. What's next, Slender Man himself? I hope not.

I want out though. I came here to post about a few strange things and get it over with, get some help if I could. I didn't want it to become this. With these things and so much murder. I don't want it and I don't want it staining my hands either. It's ridiculous, I shoved every homicidal tendency away after my parents were murdered, by me. I'm not proud of it, I don't want to go through with it anymore and I don't want to have to go through with it again.

I'm sick of Gallows poking at that box I locked everything up in. He won't leave it alone. I yell at him and he just smiles something awful. I haven't threatened him since we were at his house but I've jumped him in the field and punched him a few times until Graves pulled me off. He just laid there laughing about it, not even mad in the least.

Graves is unusual. She's not nice but she's not mean either. Since we left she's kept a scarf wrapped around the lower half of her face instead of the handkerchief. I saw why, that giant scar that goes across the middle of her face and the scars from her stitched lips show. Among other little scars. I watched her wash her face one morning near the bank of a river, she wiped all the dirt and dust off and beneath it you could actually see her. You'd expect something gross or evil but she looks so ordinary it's kind of sad. Her eyes are so dead. I think she knows I feel sorry for her, I don't mean that in a disrespectful way or that I'm better than her. I'm not. It's not right she's this way.

I'd say the same for Gallows but he's happy as he is. He's mentioned always being this way so what's there to sympathize with?

Mister Creevey I don't know anything about aside from being a Darkling, whatever that is. He's messaged me. Left an email just with this:




Fuck you.

You won't ever take me again. There are other options out there and I will exhaust every single one of them. Crawl back to you? Don't make me laugh. You're a monster. I'll get out of this even if it takes some time. Just you wait, Mister Creevey, I'll be long gone soon enough.

Monday, November 14, 2011


With Gallows and Graves too! Our last few days have been really messed up but we're alive and confused. Safe at the moment, I don't feel the influence of Mister Creevey anymore either. I'm happy about that. :]

Kind of scared of these two still but we got to work together right now so I'm going to make do. I cooked for them tonight but Gallows slammed down his cooler, I didn't need to guess what was in there. I ran from the kitchen, lol.

I'm really scared though guys. I don't know what this means and it's bothering me. No doubt lost my job completely now too. Kind of scared to see why is happening to the city if Mister Creevey is stuck there. After what happened at the police station...

I'll update when I can. I'm too tired to talk about it, I can't imagine how Graves lives with Gallows day after day. He drains my energy after the first hour I'm awake.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Never Alone

It doesn't matter, nothing matters when he's around. He's always around. He never leaves, even when he's watching Gallows and Graves. He takes me there, he uses me.

I know when he's going to. He'll appear an inch away with that giant grin and I'll black out, next thing I know it I'm staring at this farm house in ruins on a property surrounded by graves. I'm not in control of myself then, he doesn't need my body but he takes it along anyways. I just feel trapped, I'm just standing there and watching as he does whatever it is he does.

He knows this all too. He knows everything that happens around him. I tried to run, Dia. I tried to contact you, Shady. I tried to do everything I can and it only paid off in me getting dragged back to my apartment. I mean that literally. I live on the fourteenth floor of my apartment complex. He dragged me up every flight, into every railing and around every bend. Mister Creevey doesn't need knives to cut me, his claws can do that just fine.

I got asked today at my job why I had a scar across my forehead. I couldn't think up anything, I laughed it off. It hurt inside, not because of the abuse he's dealt me but emotionally. The stress is eating me alive and he's just laughing at it. Waiting, for what? Me to break?

What does he want from me? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

I don't want to do this anymore. He won't let me tell you all anything. He just wants me to ramble on about my pain, my anger, all this stupid dribble from a weak little girl.

I never wanted this. I never asked for him to cover my tracks. I don't owe him anything.

It feels like I do though. I don't like it. I think he's fucking with me. I feel dizzy.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Truth of it All


Please please please. Someone help please. They destroyed half the building, they've used everything and it just pulls itself together. It won't stop, it just won't die.

Okay, breathe. You guys have to know. I wish someone would come I wish we had SOMEONE to help us. That's stupid, you'll get killed. Don't come, it's awful here. The power if going to kill any minute now to make matters worse.

The Agent is that thing that has been tormenting me. When Gallows and Graves broke in it sauntered forward and I thought they were going to kill him... but it just laughed and welcomed them. Gallows inched closer with his sickle and threatened but it only amused the Agent. Then he mocked and insulted it, I don't know what happened, it just got deeper and deeper into this conversation... I have no idea what they were talking about. Something about the city, about the land.

Gallows yelled something about not knowing anything, for being weak and hiding behind the officers. That he was a pathetic human being. That's when the Agent ripped apart his own skin and revealed who was it really way, just before devouring the skin.

"Not a weak human, my boy. Not like you or her, or even Josie over there. Not hiding either, the King always sends out the Pawns. You are an abandoned Executioner, she the abandoned Knight, Josie here is just a Pawn that you came for. You want to know why dear old MASTER left you? You're looking at it."

That thing said. I started writing down as much as I could... it didn't work out, I kept freezing up whenever it looked at me.

"He ABANDONED you. I claimed this land, it's MINE. It has been MINE for YEARS. You are a PAWN. Like the previous ones He's made, trying to gain back this place. They have all FAILED. My game, He hasn't beat it yet."

"I don't believe shit. Nothing fits together, you're talking out your ass, boyo."

"It all fits. Who do you think investigated your murders? I visited when your mother went missing, my boy. Graves, I was there for when your family had that nasty collision. Josie, I looked into yours parents case. I hid all your evidence, I granted you freedom from a cell when you butchered them. Every single one of you, how do you think you were able to keep out of the cell?" He bowed grinning widely.

Gallows... his eyes could be seen under the flickering light and he looked furious.

"I warned you, I offered you advice, I gave you directions. You know who listened best? Josie, and she's nothing but a back up. A pawn."

"Back up to what?" Gallows spat. 

"Host, my boy. You are the prime candidate. She's got a hefty amount of violence locked up but you've got that spark. I look at her and I see pork, I look at you and I see steak. You're the body for me and if I can't have you I'll use hers till I can."

That rotten fuck said it so casually. I never felt so used until now. I get now what his look meant before, as the Agent... he stared at me like a lion looks a gazelle, looking for the angle to take it down and where to sink its teeth into first. I'm trying not to vomit here...

A few seconds passed and then Gallows attacked and that thing grabbed him so quickly, he broke the sickle in half and threw Gallows to the floor. It held his throat and beat the man but he fought back, he got his legs around him and rolled until they hit a wall. Gallows dragged himself away but that thing grabbed his leg and pulled him back, clawed out and tore off the lower half of Gallows' hood.

It climbed on top of him and pinned him down. That thing held Gallows' head and he started screaming while it cackled that horrible way. Graves attacked with her shovel, whacking it off her partner and pulling him up.

"Who the fuck are you!" Gallows screamed.

That thing pulled itself up, twisting itself around in every inhuman way possible while replying, "Mister Creevey, my boy. Pleased to finally meet you."

I could see Gallows, I never thought fear could ever come to pass. Graves mentioned he's never felt fear before, Gallows even said so. I honestly think this was a first, his reaction was so insecure and violent... he ordered Graves to kill Creevey and they attacked the thing with everything and I mean EVERYTHING. It wouldn't die though. The building was in ruins by the time Gallows bolted the scene with Graves following closely. Creevey on their asses laughing hysterically, it moved like a raptor for fucks sake.

This is crazy. I'm alone in a police station full of corpses. They ran off a few minutes ago and I don't know what to do.

I want to go home and I'm scared the power is going to go out any second now. I kind of hope Gallows and Graves are okay so that they can kill this thing.

The enemy of my 


enemy is my friend.

The power died so I wasn't able to post it. Gallows and Graves got away, I got a nasty email actually stating as much.

Mister Creevey came back after he lost them, I was trying to find someone alive but no one was... he found me and dragged me away by my hair. Shadowed me all the way home, he's been here since. I hate him, I hate him as much as my parents. He keeps mentioning them and I hate him even more for it.

He's right though. I killed my parents when I was younger, it's not something I'm proud of and it brought me a lot of shit with all the foster homes. Worth it, I would have died sooner or later. Survival is a bitch, so Creevey says.

I guess calling him a "he" isn't right but it comes more naturally than "it" and if it's something I won't get beaten over than I'll stick with it.

Also no, he's not inhabiting my body. He's like a leech in my view, doesn't need a body to live on but does need to eat. It was him that left the message on my blog too, tried to give me a "spark" like Gallows, pull out that violence and stuff.

He's not human but he won't say what he is right now. I would expect him to be some monster without much intellect, I think I'm scared more about how much intelligence he has. All that control, he doesn't even care I'm writing this now. It's sad how true that is, he's got me in a corner at the moment and knows it.

He's connected our accounts, I think he just opened his own. I haven't had it in me to see but it sounds like his is public now. I don't want to see or imagine what it would say, hearing him in person is bad enough.

Gallows and Graves, he reads everything. Practically sees everything. If you're going to do something don't involve me or your plans will be blown. With that said please, kill this bastard. Two days and I'm already looking at the razor blade.

Hope the rest of you are having better days, mine are going to be crap for a while it looks like. Will keep updating as long as I'm still alive. =/

Wednesday, October 19, 2011





i dont want to die