Hi, my name is Josie Crumin. I don't like where I work but that's mostly because I don't like where I am in life. Where I am in life is still a question I ask myself daily. I've been having some odd occurrences as of late. I don't know what I expect from being here but I'm hoping maybe I'm not as crazy as people make me out to be.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Yesterdays weird happenings:

From the start of the day things have been getting progressively worse. While I was showering that morning the power went off, I looked out from the curtain and the steam collected together in front of the mirror. There was writing smudged onto it, written without a care. It said, "Running from Heaven?" I sat down and didn't leave the tub for a while after that.

I got out and finished getting ready, ended up missing my morning classes and went straight to work. At work more stuff decided to happen. I was putting back some returned books and organizing ones out of place. I bitched mentally about kids putting away books in the wrong place, found a couple stacked together like someone got too lazy to put away books they didn't want. I pulled some from the shelf and threw them into the cart and that's when I saw something scarier than all hell. This transparent figure that had beady eyes and a grin of sharp teeth that took up more than half its head.

It was a brief sighting before it dispersed, the mist it left came at me and broke into the bookcase. The shelf creaked, books fell, the shelves where it hit broke off past me. I was hit and fell back, the shelf began falling too and knocked into the one behind me. I pulled myself out of there, the cart barely keeping up the shelf before it toppled to one side under its weight. All I could hear was that laughter, like it was right next to me again.

They blamed it on me being incompetent. Got me suspended from the job, can you believe that? Fucking assholes got some nerve.

I roamed the streets since I was kicked out of work, just until I got my evening classes. Attended them and went home. I set my stuff down and walked to the couch, a mirror shattered to my right. Scared the crap out of me! As I was cleaning up the pieces I found all the reflections looked like that horrible thing from the library. It just stood there in the shattered reflection even as every piece landed in the trash.

Tried to nap on the couch and I just couldn't. Tired physically and exhausted mentally but I couldn't get myself to sleep.

Power started playing tricks on me then, just like in the morning. Did I mention I talked to the landlord when I was leaving? He said that no one else complained, subjected to my apartment only. It was really super, my cup of tea. Power kept dying, laughter picked up, light bulbs blew out.

When things settled after a few rounds I laid down in bed with the laptop to try and sleep. I passed out at some later point this morning. It didn't help much as you can tell. I'm up really early.

I don't know what it is that's bothering me but it's not okay. It's not human. Someone said it might be a proxy and I have been studying them a few weeks now. Doesn't fit right and last time I checked most proxies were human.

Suggestions on what this thing is and what it wants? I don't know what to think. =/ 

Going to run errands while I'm up, get them out of the way. Be back later to report any crap.